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General Information and Policies

Visiting Hours
Family and friends are encouraged to visit as often as they would like and play an active role in their loved ones' life at MacGillivray Guest Home. Whenever possible, residents are encouraged to go on visits with friends and families, whether for a few hours or overnight.

Visiting hours are not restricted; however, visitors are asked to respect the privacy of residents and are asked to leave the building by 9:00 p.m.

Visitors are welcome to have a meal with their loved one. We ask that visitors notify the Dietary staff as soon as possible for meal preparation. Meal tickets can be purchased at the Finance Office.

There are a number of residents and staff who have respiratory problems and/or are very sensitive to strong odors. Therefore, we request that visitors refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, and/or hair spray. Also please avoid bringing in latex balloons as they may cause an allergic reaction. Foil balloons are a safe alternative.

Infection Control
To protect our residents from illness or infection we ask that you not visit if you are ill or have recently been exposed to an infectious disease i.e. cold flu, diarrhea, measles or infestation such as scabies or lice until you are sure that you are symptom free.

To protect our residents, once a communicable illness is diagnosed in our Home we may need to restrict visitation or establish isolation procedures. We ask that you comply with any posted isolation notices and not visit until the isolation is lifted. Information regarding the cause and length of the isolation can be obtained from the Receptionist.

Hand Sanitizer is available at the Sign-In Table in the lobby. Please utilize the sanitizer upon entering and leaving the Home to assist in protecting you and your family members. Hand Sanitizer is placed at all elevators, unit entrances, public washrooms and the dining room for your use and convenience.

NO Smoking Policy
There is no on site smoking for either residents or employees. In keeping with the municipal by laws smoking is not permitted within four meters of an intake ventilation system. Residents are not permitted to carry cigarettes, matches or lighters.

All visitors must adhere to the Home's no smoking policy!

Toxic plants are not permitted. Examples are Oleander, Dumb Canes (Dieffenbacia), Elephants ear (Alocasia, Coloasia), Caladiums, and Azaleas.

Highly scented plants and flowers are not permitted because of residents' and staff respiratory sensitivities. Some examples include Easter lilies, Lilacs, Hyacinth, and Geraniums. Some acceptable alternatives are Christmas Cactus,Chrysanthemums, and African Violets.

Glass vases are not permitted. Only small artificial Christmas trees are permitted in resident rooms.

Telephone and Television
Televisions are located in the lounges of the resident units and in the parlour. Resident rooms are equipped with cable T.V. Any resident who wishes to have this service must contact the Receptionist Office. A monthly fee is required for this service.

Personal telephones may be connected in residents' rooms through MacGillivray Guest Home for a monthly fee.. The resident or family member must arrange for this service with the Receptionist Office.

Available on every unit is a DVD player and stereo with a wide range of DVD’s and music available. Please feel free to come, sit with a loved one, and watch a movie or listen to music whenever you like.

Arrangements for newspaper subscriptions to the Cape Breton Post can be made by contacting the Cape Breton Post at 539-5451. Payment for subscription is the responsibility of the resident/family.

Personal Clothing
Clothing needs are evaluated twice yearly (spring and fall) and are ordered by the seamstress as recommended by residents, family and staff.

Storage space is not available at MacGillivray Guest Home. It is mandatory that residents and/or families make alternate arrangements to store out of season clothing, extra luggage and other personal effects.

The following is a suggested list of clothing needs:


Personal Care Needs
1-2 Housecoats
1-2 Pairs of Slippers
1 Pair of Shoes (Rubber Soles) or Sneakers
6 Pairs of Underwear (Tops and Bottoms)
4 Shirts
4 Pants
1 Pair of Gloves
1 Pair of Boots
1 Jacket
1 Sun Hat
2 Sweaters
2-3 Pairs of Pyjamas
6 Pairs of Socks (non-elastic)


Personal Care Needs
1-2 Housecoats
1-2 Pairs of Slippers
1 Pair of Shoes (Rubber Soles) or Sneakers
3-4 Nightgowns
4 Blouses
4 Pants
3-4 Pairs of Stockings (stay-ups)
or Socks (loose fitting)
1 Pair of Boots
1 Jacket
1 Sun Hat
3-4 Brassieres
3 Slips
3-4 Dresses
6 Pairs of Underwear
1 Pair of Gloves
2-3 Cardigans

Tips and Gratuities
Staff are not permitted to accept any tips,gifts or gratuities or make special arrangement with families or residents, monetary or otherwise. If you would like to recognize a staff member for a job well done, please contact the Director of Resident Care at Ext 223. The Director will complete the complement forms and add to the employee's personnel file.

Room Changes
At times it may be necessary to move a resident to a different room. This may be due to a change in health status of the resident or an incompatibility with a room mate. If the Health Care Team finds it necessary to make a room change the resident and family will be informed.

Fire Safety
MacGillivray Guest Home has a sprinkler system and smoke and/or heat detectors in all rooms and areas of the building. An updated fire plan is in place and staff are trained in emergency procedures. Fire drills are held monthly.

In the event of a fire or other emergency while you are visiting a resident(s), remain where you are until given instructions by a staff member.

Areas to Socialize
You can visit with families in the: Recreation room (this room is equipped with a full kitchen and is available to book for birthday parties, family gatherings, etc.); Parlour on 1st floor, Chapel, Dining areas on each unit, and CND court yard. There is also a lovely deck at the front entrance of the home.

Gift Shop
The Shalom Shop is our small gift shop that is located downstairs in the basement and is operated by the Friends of MacGillivray. It is opened at various times throughout the week for the convenience of our residents. Articles for sale include hygiene products, clothing and books.

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